Welcome to the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge National Championship Tournament!

Team HCASC is happy to welcome over 400 HBCU students, Presidents, representatives, and volunteers to Los Angeles for the 2019 Honda Campus All-Star Challenge National Championship Tournament! Over the next four days, teams from 48 HBCUs will not only go head to head in rigorous competition, but also connect, bond, and make new “Friends for Life.”


To commemorate 30 years of HCASC, alums and volunteers posted about some of their favorite HCASC memories on social media. Here are a few of our favorites… we can’t wait to make a whole new batch of memories at HCASC 30!


Ricky Reece: NCAT

In honor of  #HCASCDay, here are some of the older photos I took while I was out there. One of the true highlights of my college career at A&T. So many wonderful people met while in California for the tournament day. Good luck to my squad over at @ncat_hcasc . Bring it home!

PJ Green, Hampton University

#HCASC, I have loved you since 1999 and I will love you forever — you are where I have found family in every sense of the word, and you are every bit as heavenly as I imagined you to be the very first time I heard your name.

Demicia Inman, KYSU Alumna

It’s #HCASC day! Major shoutout to the organization that gave me some of my best experiences of my college career. As a player and volunteer, I became enriched by a program that fosters competition and friendship. HCASC gave me times I will never forget. Shoutout to all the teams headed to California! I’m rooting for everyone of course but I stan Bowie this time around! Safe travels to all of the volunteers that make this happen. 💕

Nayirah Muhammad, Fisk

Felt cute. Might outbuzz you and score 200+ on you l8r. My last #HCASC tourney as a player 😭😭😭 the GREATEST tourney. HCASC family is the greatest family I could’ve ever come into. Happy 30th Honda Campus All-Star Challenge

P.S.- Is there an HCASC discount for Hondas! This is a deciding factor fr.


Today’s schedule:

Breakfast 6:30 am-8 am, Grand Ballroom
Arrivals & Registration 9 am-6 pm, Registration Area
See Yourself in a Honda 9am -6 pm, Ballroom Drive
Honda Student Center 9 am-6 pm & 9 pm-11 pm, Lighthouse 
Lunch 11:30 am-2:30 pm, Village Green & Boardwalk
Team Welcome Dinner 6:30 pm-9 pm, Grand Ballroom


12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge National Championship Tournament!

  1. Good luck Team Bennett College aka Bennett Belles 🔔💙 Special S/O to Professor Kurewa (Coach) and Chloe (Team Captain)!!!


  2. The Allen HCASC Team would like to thank everyone on campus as well as friends and family for their support of our return. We just landed in L.A. and cannot wait to compete for AU—You Know!


  3. Let’s Go Imani
    Let’s Go Imani
    Let’s Go Imani

    That’s My Goddaughter Ya’ll!!!!!!


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